Our Approach

How Does IMPRO Work?

IMPRO’s approach is to understand the level of engagement, skills and structure of an organization, and create a learning framework tailored to its unique requirements. By establishing a baseline measurement of an individual, team or organization, we can determine any knowledge gaps that exist and close them, putting you on the path to greater productivity and profitability.

Cultivating a Culture of Excellence

Our specifically designed assessment will provide individual contributors, managers, leadership and organizations with a set of diagnostics to describe what is working and not working. We will review each individual and provide a report to identify gaps in your organization. Our process is based on 40 years of best practice from hundreds of organizations, as well as our body of knowledge.

From the results, we will personalize a learning path to close skill gaps while improving improving the structure and engagement of your workforce. At this point, individuals will receive their learning path and leaders will have reporting capabilities to measure progress. As people begin to apply what they learn, they will receive support from coaches to guide them through execution and deliver results.

To cultivate a culture of excellence, an organization can participate in a community to share knowledge, document results and help others. This creates a ripple effect through an organization, accelerating change as more people adopt an improvement mindset.

Impro Diagram

Icon Virtual Support Virtual Support
Access to coaches to drive execution and better apply what is learned

Icon Skills Assessment Skills Assessment
Identify what is working and not working

Icon Personalize Learning Personalize Learning
Guided experience to close gaps to improve performance