Upskill Your Workforce

Engage your employees by creating a personalized learning path designed to fit the needs of your organization.
Why Use IMPRO?

Achieving a culture of excellence depends heavily on retaining talent while maintaining an engaged and accountable workforce. IMPRO allows organizations to assess their employees, measure their baseline knowledge, and deploy targeted state-of-the-art learning mechanisms to close gaps, increase productivity and improve financial performance.

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How IMPRO Can Help You
IMPRO is designed to help all levels of an organization become more engaged and drive culture change to adopt a continuous improvement mindset. We offer a comprehensive range of courses that will address skill gaps in organizations of all sizes.
Reduce your cost of poor quality (COPQ)
Reduce your cost of poor quality (COPQ)
Financial analysts have estimated that COPQ typically amounts to 5-30% of gross sales.
Scalable solutions
Scalable solutions
From single courses to a complete learning framework, IMPRO offers scalable solutions for improving your business.
Improvement projects
Improvement projects
Learn how to initiate improvement projects that can save an average of $275,000.
Identify & solve problems
Identify & solve problems
Empower your staff to identify problems and quickly find the right solutions.
Fill critical skills gaps
Fill critical skills gaps
Address the knowledge and skills gaps that are impacting the proficiency of your workforce.
Transform your organization
Transform your organization
Depending on the designated learning path, you can expect at least a 3 to 1 return on investment.
What Does IMPRO Give You?
  1. Personalized learning
    Build targeted learning plans that include microlearning modules, webinars, mentorship, and more.
  2. Cutting-edge content
    Access to hundreds of courses that are rooted in 40+ years of research and experience.

  3. Access to the experts
    Improve your execution and skill to get the most out of your learning experience.

Free Skills Assessment
Unsure of your training needs? At IMPRO, we offer a free online assessment for up to 30 employees, allowing us to identify and address your organization’s knowledge gaps.
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