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IMPRO offers a comprehensive range of specially designed online courses and learning plans, covering numerous disciplines that can help any organization deliver quality improvement across all departments and processes. Depending on your needs, you have the flexibility to purchase individual courses on an ad-hoc basis or work with IMPRO to develop a structured learning framework for your workforce. 

Learning Plans
At IMPRO, we help organizations build structured learning plans that are aligned with their overarching business objectives. Our experts will spend time within an organization, identify any skill gaps that exist and create a learning framework that is designed to close them. Every learning plan includes microlearning modules, webinars and mentorship, plus access to our online training courses.

Our Mission and History

Founded in 2017, IMPRO is the technology arm of Juran, the pioneers of quality improvement. Through its online training courses and expert coaches, IMPRO helps make upskilling more effective and flexible so that any organization can improve the quality of their products and services. IMRPO works with organizations of all sizes, from SMBs through to multinational corporations.  

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