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Juran's Quality Professional Program

You can’t build a house without the foundation, and you can’t build a career without the foundational skills to your profession. We combined over 40 years of skill assessments and trainings to develop a 7 part program that sets the foundation for quality professionals to advance their career on. Do it for less than $30 per month.

How It Works
Take Our Free Self Evaluation
Take Our Free Self Evaluation
Measure your skills against the 7 critical areas Juran Experts have identified as critical to achieving quality goals.
Begin Collecting the 7 Badges
Begin Collecting the 7 Badges
Each badge begins with a pre-test. If you pass the pre-test, you will not be required to take the training, and you will earn your badge! Pass or fail you always have the ability to go through our learning and boost your knowledge.
Become a Certified Quality Professional
Become a Certified Quality Professional
Earn all 7 badges to verify your learning with a final exam and case study. The result will be an industry recognized certification to add to your resume and increase your career potential.
JQPC Badges
What Are The 7 Badges?
Our team of Quality & Psychometric Experts have analyzed nearly 30 years of assessment and training data to identify the core fundamental skills that Quality Professionals of all levels should possess to achieve quality objectives effectively.
Quality Principles
Quality Principles
A high-level introduction to continuous improvement and quality concepts. This program covers foundational concepts for quality and continuous improvement skills, the Juran management system, and introduces how to use the Juran Trilogy in today's work environment.
Assessment & Auditing
Assessment & Auditing
Covers the foundational concepts for assessment and auditing skills for the Quality Professional, including planning and conducting process and product audits.
Statistical Data Analysis
Statistical Data Analysis
Covers the foundational concepts for statistical data analysis, including probability, basic analysis, and tools to support data analysis.
Root Cause Analysis
Root Cause Analysis
Reviews the critical skills, methodology, and tools to conduct structured problem solving.
Process Control
Process Control
Covers the foundational skills for managing quality process controls. You will learn how to identify and reduce process waste, develop process controls, and create and manage process control plans.
Teamwork & Coaching
Teamwork & Coaching
Covers foundational teamwork and coaching skills for the Quality Professional, including communication, team building, and managing change.
Integrated Reasoning
Integrated Reasoning
Covers the foundational concepts for critical thinking skills for the Quality Professional, including financial and strategic planning.

Unlock Our Knowledge Base

After collecting all 7 badges, IMPRO will give you access to our Knowledge Base.

The Knowledge Base is a self-serving online library built on top of over 75 years of research and experience. It can help guide you to advancing your own skills or your organizations ability to improve performance by accessing content that includes:

  • Project library
  • Case study library
  • Templates and tools
  • Glossary



The Value of Coaching

Going with our Access+ or Unlimited subscription plan? Our Juran Experts have 25+ years of experience in quality management. With access to our coaches, you can:

  • Create a game plan for how you will connect the learning in the 7 critical skill areas to your individual job role.
  • Identify projects to work on at your organization to deliver results and become more recognized.
  • Create a clear direction for additional skills you need to reach your long term goals.
  • Develop your strengths and overcome your weaknesses to excel your career.

Leadership Team

Become a Juran Certified Quality Professional*

Earn all 7 badges to complete the Juran Quality Professional Skills Learning Plan and take your bragging rights to LinkedIn to share your expertise. You can also level-up and expand to the complete Juran Quality Professional Skills Certification, an industry recognized certification to add to your resume and increase your career potential.

As a Juran Certified Quality Professional you are able to:

  • Impress your current and future leadership with your commitment to your profession and capability to perform as a quality professional.
  • Communicate to your peers that you have mastered the fundamentals of quality that support all of the quality disciplines.
  • Boost your personal brand within the industry and establish yourself as a subject matter expert for all things quality.

*You must be subscribed to a subscription plan to be eligible for certification.



Free Trial





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Self Evaluation


Takes less than 10 minutes

35 multiple choice questions

Instant feedback

 Tests against all 7 skill areas





or $279 annual upfront (20% off)

Access to all 7 badges 

Access to all 7 badge pre-tests 

19 hours of self paced learning 

1.9 CEUs 

Knowledge base 

Tools & templates

Access to project library

Certification add-on $250



or $711 annual upfront (25% off)

All features included in access

2 coaching credits per month

Certification add-on $250



or $891 annual upfront (25% off)

All features included in access

Unlimited coaching credits

Certification Included 





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