The Complete Learning Program

With an IMPRO subscription, your organization will have access to all of our courses, allowing employees to close their knowledge gaps at a time that suits them.

How Do Subscriptions Work?
Subscriptions are a great way to implement a comprehensive quality improvement program across your enterprise and track the progress of your employees. There are three types of subscription available:
Unlimited User
Unlimited User
Ideal for organizations that wish to supplement their existing training programme with new content. Unlimited users will have access to every self-paced training module offered by IMPRO.
Targeted User
Targeted User
Organizations can search IMPRO’s range of training courses, purchase the modules that are most relevant to the needs of their workforce, and create their own learning plans.
Enterprise User
Enterprise User
We will assess the knowledge gaps that currently exist within your organization and create a personalized learning pathway. You’ll have access to our expert coaches and online community, allowing you to share information with peers and pose questions to our experienced practitioners.
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Our online community brings together those new to the world of continuous improvement with our incredible group of experienced practitioners. Meet like-minded people, pose questions and learn from real-world examples.
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